Who are we

Hey there


I'm Alexa (nice to meet you), Co-founder of The Travel Alert Club and a proud member of our 'flight deal hunters' team. Originally a family run business we now have a team of five based across three cities - London (HQ), Zurich and Bucharest.



Here's a little bit about the Travel Alert Club.



First things first and most important, we are not travel agents - We simply let you know when we find cheap flights. We do not take bookings and no tickets are issued by us. You do not need to provide us with any personal or payment information related to your flight booking.


Every day our team search for the best flight deals and greatest savings across the web. We've also built some tools to help us keep track and get alerted to error fares and hidden sales when they happen. Our deal alerts will point you to a reputable airline or travel operator where you can review and book the flight deal.


We always 'qualify' the deals we find. Qualifying a deal means that we make sure the deal isn't artificially made to look cheap, for example some 'flight deals' may include two or more stop-overs, long stop-overs and could have a total journey time of 48hrs+. Unlike some services, we try to steer clear of these as we'll usually find a much shorter journey on the same route at the same or cheaper price.


We do not affiliate with or make any revenue from Airlines or Travel Operators by way of commissions. This allows us to remain impartial and to get the best deals for our members.

Members can receive deals in 4 ways


app notification


email notification




amazon echo

If you have any questions, at anytime, please feel free to use our contact form and one of the team will get back to you asap.