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Recent cheap flight deals

Manchester to Mykonos £44 RTN
London, Birmingham or Manchester to Cancun £389 RTN
London, Manchester or Newcastle - Barbados
£229 RTN (direct, high season)
UK airports -
from £232 RTN

Join for free and we'll show you really cheap flight deals that most miss!

your questions answered...

Who are we?

We are a bunch of travel enthusiasts who love great deals and savings and love sharing what we find with like-minded travellers.


Is it really free to sign-up?

Yep, you can sign up free and receive great deals direct into your Inbox.


What is a Vip Membership?

We offer a paid membership for those that want to receive ALL the deals we find. Our paid members receive around 75% more deals. More details can be found here.

Where can I fly from?

We look for deals flying from across the UK and Ireland. Later this year we'll be adding further European departure points.

Where can I fly?

Anywhere! We don't focus on short or long haul, budget or premium airlines - if there's a deal to be had, we'll find it.

Can I book direct with the Travel Alert Club and can you search specific flights for me?

I'm afraid not, we're not a travel agent, however I am sure that there will be a deal along shortly that will be too hard to resist.

Can I get cheap flight deals on my Amazon Alexa?

Funny you should ask :) Yes you can, just say "alexa, open cheap flights"